City of Zagreb is cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative center and the biggest city in the Republic of Croatia. The favorable transit location and the overall municipal infrastructure, qualified labour force, scientific, expert, educational, health, financial, banking and tradition in performing various services, size and quality of economy, present essential potentials in Zagreb developing strategy.The City Office for Strategic planning and Development of the City is responsible for coordination of regional development, and its strategic documents ZagrebPlan 2014 – 2020, being the major document of this kind based on partnership and participation, but is also responsible for strategic projects and programmes, EU and other international projects, spatial data infrastructure, urban statistics and demography, carrying out entrusted tasks through synergy, coordinated efforts and cooperation on local, regional and international level.

The City of Zagreb is one of four partner-cities gathered to establish a network of cooperation between city administration, experts, civic organizations, and work on promoting and exercising EU knowledge and experience in citizen’s participations in the field of urban planning and development with promotion of good practices. Zagreb will organize First thematic seminar and participate in all project activities.

City of Zagreb will participate with: 
- Contribution to integrated range of activities of common interest around the subjects (in the context of Project priorities as well as relevance for EU);
- Contribution to communication tools (interactive digital platform; web platform, exhibitions, guidelines, books);
- Contribution to defining target groups for which the selected teams are relevant as well as involve community (experts, local associations, citizens);
- Obligation for future network initiatives and actions between the towns involved that are beyond the time-frame of this Project.