Communication tools

Web based platform Web page of the project will be established at the very beginning of the project. It should serve as a web based platform for sharing the information among parties involved in the project, as a resource center for all the participants and a public display of the objectives, methodology and production of the project. It will also be used as a platform to document the project development and as a platform for exchange of information and other digital content that will be maintained beyond the timeframe of this project.

Digital platform for interactive visualization The objective of this activity is to produce 3D urban models of parts of the cities in the format of Interactive Visualization Tool that should serve as the basic tool for enhancement of public participation in planning process through use of digital and yet comprehensive tool. Interactivity of the digital platform enables decision makers, planners, student and citizens to comprehend the influence and the result of changes of urban parameters in the process of planning and to observe the consequences of their decisions in 3D model of the part of the city of their interest in real time. The development of this digital platform will be a basis of the work in thematic workshops, students/citizens workshops, but also as a resource for continuous research and development of the planning processes in the partner cities.

Public Exhibitions Series of public lectures on the topics of interest of the project and the project partners will be organized together with public exhibitions with purpose to promote in public the knowledge and experience of researchers, decision makers and civic activist in their practices. The content of the lectures will be recorded and will be published as a DVD publication within the book and other publications from the project. Two exhibitions will be organized within the project. First exhibition will be constituted of successful urban projects and best practices from partner cities and will be held in Turin. Final exhibition will be a document of the work and production of the entire project sharing the knowledge and experience of the network of four twinned cities. This exhibition will be also displayed in local community facilities (urban community) that are in the focus of the student/citizens collaborative design. The exhibition will be prepared as a mobile exhibition and will be displayed in all four city-partners after the end of the project.

Book of urban projects and guidelines for implementation of socially inclusive urban planning One of the main results of the comparative analysis of the context of urban planning process in different cities-project partners and analysis of the issues and problems of social inclusion and urban development will be a development of the book with guidelines for implementation of social inclusive planning. This brochure will be produced as a collaborative effort of researchers and city administrations and will be context sensitive, respecting the differences of distinctive urban environments with purpose of establishing a comprehensive contribution in promotion of good practices in urban planning. Book will also contain papers from the Public lectures and urban projects and good practices as a complement to the public exhibitions will be published within the project activities.

CENTER4CITIES-Urban and Resource Information center of Four cities Foundation of resource and communication/participation center as a structure that should provide a sustainability of the project results and will provide a platform for future cooperation between the partner cities. The purpose of this activity is to establish a place that will serve as a resource and information center for enhancing citizens’ participation and communication with the cities in the field of urban development. The mission of this center is to provide relevant information, innovative methodologies for citizens’ involvement, new approaches to the urban problems analysis and solutions, creative communication tools for supporting urban policies, scenarios of development and projects that will be base for strategic economic and socially sustainable development of the cities and promotion and public support of the policies of management of the city administration and the policy makers. The main purpose of establishing this center is to provide a platform for continous cooperation between the four cities in the field of urban planning and all other areas of interest.