The challenges of the contemporary urban societies have been surpassing its economic aspect and emanates as a structural, social, environmental and spatial crisis with devastating effect on transition societies. It has been followed by sharp inequalities and economic decline that have heavily influenced the transformations of the urban environment. Cities are complex systems of elaborated spatial and social relations. Its complexity is enhanced by its constantly changing and evolving shape and structure. To understand the processes that are shaping our cities we have to develop a platform of knowledge and tools that are coherent with the complex nature of the cities, but comprehensible and simple enough to be operationally useful.

The SINERGI project will be focused on establishing a network of cooperation between city administration, experts, civic organizations and will work on promoting and exercising EU knowledge and experiance in citizen’s participation in the field of urban planning and development with promotion of good practices from partner cities Skopje, Turin, Lisbon and Zagreb.

The aim of the project will be organization of activities that would create a platform for exchange of knowledge that should brought together in a creative and open debate and communication between local authorities, Universities and research community, civil organizations and civil activist and citizens. This platform should enable use of novel and digital tools for better analysis and understanding the processes that are shaping our cities but most of all should enable different social and interest groups to take an active participation and exchange of knowledge with experts, researchers and activist in a joint effort to create strategies, projects and communication tools that will reinforce the process of city management. This complex network of different stakeholders will enable decision makers to challenge their perception of the contemporary city and will legitimize policies of urban management with new and integrated urban knowledge.