Kick-off meeting One preparatory meeting for the start of the Project will organized. It will be focused on introduction of project partners, definition of project agenda, distribution of responsibilities and deliverables along with the debate about other organizational issues. Kick-off meeting will be organized in Skopje. The follow-up actvities will include the media promotion of the SINERGI project as a joint effort of four cities for better social inclusion in the process of urban planning and sustainable urban development.

Thematic seminar Two thematic seminars will be organized (one a year) as a platform for exchange of urban knowledge and experience, the state of the art of policies of urban development and urban planning and debate about the diversity in cities and social inclusion. Seminars will be organized in Zagreb and Lisbon.

Thematic workshops Two thematic workshops are the backbone of the project and should serve as the main field of the partner collaboration and project production supporting all other activities. The objective of the thematic workshops is to bring together decision makers, experts and researchers in urban planning and modeling urban development and together with students and representatives of citizens organization to create platform for debate about new models and approaches in urban development of cities and to expose decision makers and NGO activist to new knowledge and novel digital tools that could enhance understanding of the processes of the urban transformation and to broaden the possibilities for citizens participation. Thematic workshops will be organized in Turin and Skopje.

Final Conference Project Final Conference will focus on the delivered results and products of the project, evaluation of tasks and objectives, organization issues and adjustment needed for successful fulfillment of project activities. Final Conference will be held in Skopje.