The challenges of the contemporary urban transformation have surpassed its economic aspect and emerge as a social, environmental and spatial crisis with devastating effect on the social fabric of local communities. In order to understand the potential of joint effort for construction of better cities, we shall develop a platform of knowledge and tools that are complex and yet comprehensible and simple enough to be useful for institutions and citizens. 

The SINERGI (Social Integration through Urban Growth Strategies) will establish a network of twinned cities to exchange knowledge, experience and good practices of partner cities, universities, civic organizations and social groups enabling better social integration through joint development of urban growth strategies. 

The aim of the project is an organization of a platform for creative and open debate between local authorities, academics, experts, civil activists and citizens from local communities about the problem of social integration in ever-growing cities. The project objective is to promote collaboration among stakeholders and synergy of activities in pursue of sustainable development of cities while embedding planning processes into the social, cultural and economic context.

The network will organize seminars, workshops, public lectures and exhibitions, publications, web page and new Center of four cities (C4C) as a platform for exchange between involved parties. This platform will be enhanced with novel digital tools for real time visualization and comprehension of the complex process of urban transformation, giving the citizens the opportunity to actively participate in analysis and understanding of the processes of urban growth. 

This complex network of different stakeholders will provoke decision makers and citizens to challenge their perception of the city and, through critical understanding of mutual interests and shared values, to create a sustainable and lasting network of cities and active citizens.

The main objective of the SINERGI project is to create a network of cities that will embrace a platform of cooperation on the topic of socially inclusive urban growth between different fields of social science, urban planning and management. The project will enable developing a sense of identity and mutual understanding between European citizens by bringing upfront problems and issues of urban life that are shared among them but also by sharing common values, history and culture in an open dialog. 

This project aims to create an open hub where experts and citizens can actively participate and interact with decision makers for better understanding of inclusive patterns of behavior, where different stakeholders can work together on construction of new models of social inclusion in the process of urban development and where individual citizens can contribute to new European and more inclusive society.

The focus of the SINERGI project is encompassed around three specific areas:
- Policies of urban development is an area where the project could identify, analyze and reflect upon the issues of integrated urban management with high level of social inclusion in a transformation troubled cities, new approaches and tools for urban planning with enhanced citizens’ participation and sustainability. It will provide a substantial space for open debate on the issues and policies that are rattling citizens’ daily lives.

- Educational activities will involve researchers and students from different fields addressing the issue of urban development of cities in transition and after transition, discussing new models of urban planning, digital tools for visualization and evaluation of the urban changes. The network of academic and research partners will act as an essential part of the project providing tools for inclusive urban development through exchange of views with decision makers and citizens bringing knowledge based and joint European dimension on the local issues.

- Citizens’ participation will provide meaningful involvement of citizens in development, planning and implementation of urban growth policies. Public participation in the planning process will be utilized through use of sophisticated but comprehensive digital tools for building different scenarios of development of parts of the city, where different solutions can provide new knowledge of the urban complexity in a more holistic perspective. Networks of researchers, students and citizens from different countries will explore the dynamics of the city and together with policy makers will enhance the social diversity while contributing to the awareness of the participants of their possibilities and responsibilities empowering them to play a full role in the democratic life of EU.