SINERGI Project International Scientific Conference

Dr. PanosMantziaras

Director of FondationBraillardArchitectes – Geneva, Switzerland

“Next year won't be any year... “

Some thoughts around Bernardo Secchi's last book "The city of the rich and the city of the poor".


From the point of view of architecture and planning the year 2016 is a quite peculiar year. I propose a gradual discovery of next year's particular quality, starting from Bernardo Secchi's last book "La cittàdeiricchi e la cittàdeipoveri", and through a series of hybrid experiences in art, architecture, planning and social participation.



Dr. Francesca Frassoldati,

School of Architecture, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China


Shaping the possible city - Between choice and chance

With crisis threatening the most diverse urban aspects, cities struggle with the uncertainty and necessity to modify their economic, cultural, or spatial status quo. Cities encompass inertial resistance to change, bureaucratic decision loops, and budget constraints. They operate by reducing the risk of decisions, yet processes of urban transformation come into being. This lecture revolves around the node of 'effectiveness': what implies in inclusive practices, why matters in compromising, and how decision-making is redefined.




Dr. Marc Schoonderbeek

Department of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands

 Complexities and simultaneities: on (the mapping of) in/exclusive border conditions