03.12.2014, Wednesday, at the Hall of the Council of the City of Skopje, the first coordination meeting took place of the project SINERGI - Social Integration through Urban Growth Strategies. The first thematic workshop of the project SINERGI in Skopje lasted till Friday, 05.01.2014.

The opening of the first coordination meeting began by an address from the Head of the International Cooperation Department,  Ms  Meri Kostovska whwelcomed the guests and wished them success during the next few days of work.

- On this occasion we have the opportunity for creative debate, exchange of knowledge and experience which will be of great importance for us as a local authority, due to the interdisciplinarity of participants coming from local authorities or city administrations, universities and civil organizations from four partner-cities in this European project. The SINERGI Project focuses on the promotion and realization of EU knowledge and experience for citizen participation in urban planning and development, using the best practices of partner-cities in the project. The acquired knowledge and promoting cooperation in various political, social and other groups will contribute to the process of social integration and the development of strategies for urban social development, said Kostovksa at the opening.

On the first day of the first coordination meeting, the Head of the Spatial Planning and Organization Department of the City of Skopje, Mr. Aleksandar Janakievskiaddressed the attendeesand professional presentations were given by the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture – Ss Cyril and Methodius University, prof. Minas Bakalchev, the Deputy Head of the Spatial Planning and Organization Department of the City of Skopje, Mr. Aljosha Shopar, and ProfAlessandro Armando of the Polytechnic University of Turin, who gave a presentation on "Architecture of effects: process design in public transformation."

During the next two days, all the activities of the coordination meeting was held at the Faculty of Architecture - Ss Cyril and Methodius University.